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The Trauma Clinic focuses on trauma-informed care that involves a thorough PTSD Assessment, establishes safety and stability, psycho-education and make a unique treatment plan to work specifically on PTSD symptomatology of each client.        


We offer face-to-face services, phone or Telemed services.

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The mission of the Trauma Clinic is to offer a wide range of mental health services addressing, educating and treating trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) within the Fort Smith area and surrounding community.  While treating the adult trauma population is important, we also focus on children and adolescents.  We provide a broad array of trauma-informed therapeutic modalities for all ages that can include:  individual and/or group psychotherapy, parenting classes, victim advocacy and community interventions.  We further provide training on trauma and ACE to an extensive base group, such as community leaders, mental and medical professionals, schools, parents/guardians, military, law enforcement and the welfare and justice systems. 

“Only the very fortunate go through life without ever encountering either natural disaster or human violence.” 

Judith Herman

Center for Psychiatric Trauma and Mental Health

Physical Address:  12106 Hwy 71 S, Suite A, Fort Smith, AR 72916
Correspondence/Payments:  P.O. Box 10864, Fort Smith, AR 72917

Call or Text: 479-431-8152

Fax: 855-315-2928

Se habla Español: 479-831-3210

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